The story of the world's oldest hairdressing club.

The club was founded on January 29, 1926 by 11 idealistic hairdressers who found together and started the Marcelklubben, a hairdressing club which is today well-known throughout Europe.
The club only includes hairdressers who are professionally recognized and respected. The purpose is to promote camaraderie between the members and to help raise the standard of the profession, to the benefit of the club - and the members' customers.

The Marcel Club has a constitution - written on indestructible papyrus, and this has all members signed in connection with their admission.
Until the late 1980s, the Marcel Club was reserved for male hairdressers, and at the Marcel Club's 10th anniversary, the members' maids sewed a tab, which always follows the members in mourning and joy. Of course, the tab is always present at the admission of members, which happens at the annual founding party in January.

Gradually, the statutes of the Marcel Club were amended so that women could finally be admitted. In other areas, the Marcel Club's traditions have been preserved for more than 75 years.

The Marcel Club has been epoch-making in the hairdressing profession since it was started, and it has inspired the hairdressers with a myriad of great shows.

Previously it was very popular to hold hairdressing championships, and the Marcel Club was always represented at the Danish Championships, European Championships and World Championships.

Later, the Marcel Club became involved with shows and big shows, including has been held in the Craftsmen's Association, Tivoli Gardens, the Circus Building and the Falkoner Center.

In recent years, interest has gathered more about holding smaller, more intimate and experimental happenings at Copenhagen IN sites.

The club is headed by a board of directors with a president in charge.
The presidential post has over the years been in charge of:
Gunnar Lund - Willy S. Koch - Hans Koch - Benny Rosborg - Jens Koch - Poul Tvernø - Johnny Poulsen.

If you would like more information about the Marcel Club, you are welcome to contact the club's current president Yvonne Hemming - or one of the board members.